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  • Keynote speaker at the Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit

Energize your audience with a speaking program that will leave everyone inspired, informed and asking for more.

Len Ferman is the former head of ideation at Bank of America and a World "Joggling" Champion (running while juggling). He spent 25 years managing innovation at Fortune 100 companies prior to founding Ferman Innovation and becoming an adjunct professor of marketing at the University of North Florida.

Your entire audience will learn how to juggle (literally!). Len relates his business messages to each step in the process of learning to juggle.  

Len customizes the business messages to your audience. Research has shown that people retain more information when they are active and when they can associate key messages with other visual stimuli.  This makes juggling the perfect medium to enhance learning.

Speech topics include: proven methods for generating breakthrough innovations, how to create a culture of innovation in your organization and many other innovation topics.  And you can provide Len with key points you would like to reinforce to your group and Len will customize his presentation to deliver your messages in a unique and unforgettable way.

In the program, Len uses juggling scarves that float in the air, making learning simple and fun.  Everyone will learn, even those people who think they could not possibly juggle.  

See what recent conference attendees and large corporate clients said about Len's program:

Innovative Speaking Program That Will Inspire and Inform

“Your presentation was the best I saw at the conference, from an informative, creativity and entertainment perspective.”
-    Barry Davis, Owner, Novel Agent Consulting

“I enjoyed & was inspired by your QRCA presentation.”
-  Randi Stillman, Owner, Bottom Line Market Research

“Your session at the conference was both engaging and insightful. I tweeted about it.”
- Marta Villenueva, Owner, Villenueava Qualitative Inc.

"Len did an outstanding job teaching associates how to juggle, reminding everyone of all the tasks we juggle every day.  Len was the talk of the department.

-   Joy Spurlock, Manager, Bank of America

​"Len put on a great event for our group.  Len's program gets everyone on their feet.  And everyone learned how to juggle which was quite amazing!  I would recommend this program for any business looking for interactive entertainment to liven up their meeting."

 -  Sara McKee, Johnson & Johnson

​"Conference attendees loved Len, who was our closing keynote speaker.  While keeping us entertained with his high energy, interactive and unique program, Len provided many valuable takeaways for our group about business innovation that are applicable to everyone. Thanks Len, we will be calling you back again I’m sure!"
 -  Karen Meyer, Executive Director, Education Credit Union Council 

Energize your company with breakthrough ideas 

Speaker at the following major business conferences:

  • Front End of Innovation Canada

  • Qualitative Research Consultants Association

Speaking Topics:

  • Innovate for Success!

  • Create a culture of innovation
  • How to run an Idea TournamentTM​
  • Generate Breakthrough Ideas
  • ​Provide key messages to Len and he will deliver in them in his unique style 



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